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In 2006 we introduced DelBrenna Jewelry Tasting. Now a classic,  through this wonderfully indulgent immersion into the world of DelBrenna, our patrons don’t simply try on our beautifully handmade jewelry. Rather, like a barrel room wine tasting, clients savor artisanal pieces from timeless collections in our historical Showroom.

Today, building on this heritage, we are delighted to introduce  our very special DelBrenna Jewelry Styling.  Recognizing that our guests shop DelBrenna for distinct reasons -  inspiration, a gift, a special event, a fashion statement, or a memory -  we now offer four customizable, personal, group and celebratory experiences  to enhance and pamper your individual interests. After all, expressing yourself  means feeling comfortable with your own personal style;  and, through the global language of fashion, you can share your own story.

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Whether earrings, a new statement piece, or a gift, shop at ease and feel like a star with personalized assistance.

A truly memorable shopping experience, during which time you will receive style and fashion insights, and maybe even a little Prosecco. Rest assured, we will help you find the perfect piece!

Event styling for weddings, galas, theater and dinners.

This session will focus on finding harmony between the outfit, your personality, the event and our jewels!

We will discuss themes, venue, attire, and create the final touches for a complete and unforgettable look.

Jewelry “life-styling” for work, weekend and wander. This consultation will focus on you and your environment.

It will help you discover the types of jewelry and accessories that are perfect for you to wear everyday and anywhere. Discover your lifestyle pieces!

Learn the fundamentals of jewelry styling.
Focus will be on basic principles of cut, color, and form.

We then sprinkle a little whimsy into the mix, bringing out the best of your own personal taste. Additional aspects covered include: practicality, versatility, elegance and simplicity - DelBrenna style.

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PRICING: All of our guests, like our jewelry, are unique. We believe our Styling pricing should be too. Contact us to discuss your, and/or your party’s needs, and we’ll tailor not only the experience to your very special taste, but the fee too.

Besides, the first one is on us! 

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