BY DELBRENNA  |  AUGUST 24th, 2020


a sweet Tripadvisor review
about the best experience in cortona

"I visited the little shop on the main city square and found a pair of earrings I almost wanted. The perfect pair was down in the Showroom, and someone happily ran it up to me. They suggested I visit the Showroom later in my visit, which I did two days later. It was easy to find: I just followed the signs."

The raven painted on the wall invited me to "Ring the Bell" (which was a fun video to post on Instagram), and the door buzzed open so I could go down to the beautiful and historic Showroom.


Mind you, I was dressed in jeans and was looking for more of their beautiful but still simple chains, so nothing about me looks like I have money to spend. Still, they greeted me warmly, put a glass of silver-sprinkled prosecco in my hand, and pointed out the history of the space before letting me browse.

An hour later, I walked out the door with lovely things in beautiful packages and had spent time with fun people in a unique atmosphere.

This moment turned out to be a highlight of this trip to Italy and was definitely an experience that showcases the warm welcome you can receive from the people of Cortona.

This is quality jewelry, crafted by an artisan, and presented perfectly in a beautiful space.
Don't be afraid to ring the bell!" ~ TravelMom269


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