Jewelry crafted with love- to be gifted with love. 

Jewelry is undeniably a favorite Christmas gift! A handcrafted piece of jewelry is thoughtful, unique, and enduring; it's an object that brings delight for a lifetime. Jewelry is the gift that will sparkle on Christmas morning—and for years to come. This Christmas, let DelBrenna help you find the perfect presents for the loved ones on your list.

Delbrenna heart & soul:  iconic chains

DelBrenna’s Iconic Chains are at the heart of our design. They are intricate, elegant, and absolutely gorgeous on their own or with a DelBrenna pendant. Each step of our chain making process is carried out by hand. Every single element on the chain is the result of an 11-step unique process. DelBrenna chains are made in 4 primary styles, each with a different elemental shape: DelBrenna Links, Ciambelle, Cylinders, and Beads. Sometimes we enhance these four elements by adding a twist, a diamond-cut texture, or we'll incorporate a gemstone for endless variations.

DelBrenna chains are the perfect representation of Italian style, an iconic chain is the ideal starting point of any DelBrenna collection. Have you ever seen more beautiful chains than these?

Meaningful Gifts

Christmas gifts that hold a special meaning are the best! Think about the personalities on your list... what do they love most? Nature? Travel? Italy? Fashion? The DelBrenna gift guide will provide you with precious ideas, a selection of our pendants with the most special meanings. 

they love nature...

THEY LOVE Italy & adventure...

Inspired by our Italian family heritage, our jewelry is perfect for any "Italy" lover. Here you can find a little piece of Italy ready for gifting.

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Everywhere you go becomes a part of you. For the travel lovers in your life, we have designed a full collection of globes. Find your favorite one here!

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Pearls are a classic gift for your loved ones, a beautiful and classic symbol of love. This Christmas, elevate pearls with a touch of DelBrenna, whether it's a chain of freshwater pearls, an intricate Botticelli design with baroque pearls, or a mother of pearl pendant. Browse the many possibilities to find your style.


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can't decide? GIVE A GIFT CARD!

If you're still not sure about choosing the perfect piece of jewelry... give your loved ones the gift of choice. A Delbrenna gift card. All you have to do is select the value, and your gift card will be delivered by email to the person you've chosen. Stress-free and perfect style!

Reach out to us

If you need help with your Christmas shopping, our experienced specialists will help you save time and guide you through the process of selecting the quintessential jewelry gift.
This year, we will also schedule online personal appointments, where you can talk to our artisans in person and discuss any preferred styles, customizations, or perhaps simply ask for genuine, special advice!
Contact our customer service to know more.

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