"Magical Night Playing Cinderella" 

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"I recently stayed in Cortona in Italy for two weeks in June this year, and whilst there amongst the many fascinating little shops a gem was discovered! DelBrenna Jewelry Boutique store and Showroom - I was entranced by the window display of jewelry and shoes before I even entered.

After entering the store and meeting the owners, Megan and Sebastian, I was even more delighted with this store and goods. The quality and workmanship are superb on each item. You can see each piece has been lovingly handcrafted by true artisans of their trade.
Megan and the staff were so attentive and helpful, and I felt like an old family friend rather than a customer.


I was then lucky enough to be treated to "Wine Dine Shine" evening with friends at the lower Showroom where we dined under the opulent chandelier amidst the glittering jewels and shoes.
This was my "Cinderella" moment - delicious food, red wine glistening in champagne glasses, jewels, and shoes shining in their cases and treated like family in this historic converted olive press now a beautiful showroom.
Every woman's fantasy right before your eyes!!

I urge you if you are going to Cortona to take the time to visit this store - you won't regret it - for beautiful, handcrafted jewelry to take home as a token of your trip.
I will be going back next year and once again will visit this store and catch up with the loveliest people in Cortona - Megan and Sebastian- and find another piece of fabulous jewelry." 

Tripadvisor review by 634diannef



Find out more about our Bespoke Events, Wine Dine Shine dinners and what we do everyday in Cortona, Italy.

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