The countdown to love is on!
Made with love, one link after the other: DelBrenna's pieces hold the essence of romance, AMORE, waiting to be cherished—because each of our pieces is unique, just like your story.
Let your love shine with our heart-shaped wonders, or choose one of our timeless treasures―this is our Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2024!

AMORE collection

Featuring our tiniest Links chain shaped into a heart, our Amore collection is lovely and romantic. A modern interpretation of our iconic design meets a timeless symbol of love; this Valentine's Day, give a small treasure with a great meaning and capture the Italian essence of love!

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HEART pendants

Crafted with passion, each heart-shaped piece at DelBrenna is a unique masterpiece, holding the essence of love in every curve and detail. Valentine's Day calls for the most romantic symbols of all, now enriched by our special Italian twist: make your feelings clear without saying a word with DelBrenna hearts!

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ETRUSCAN texture

Handcrafting is loving. The Etruscans founded our town of Cortona over two thousand years ago. They were skilled artisans and their fabulous gold jewelry, now on display at the local archaeological museum, inspired us to create this collection. Choose this unique scalloped texture if you want jewels with a story and a unique charm!

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UNIQUE like you two

Each Kaleidoscope pendant is unique and forever will be! To create this capsule collection, we carefully selected the gemstones and crafted each frame by hand, adapting our signature chain to the shape of each gem. Surprise your loved one with a true one-of-a-kind piece of art!

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LINKS of love

At DelBrenna, we pride ourselves on having a unique and recognizable style. Our Links design is exclusive to our family and is the heart of all DelBrenna creations. Each chain is more than just a link of silver; it's a testament to our legacy. From the largest, grande LINKS 1974 to the smallest, refined Links 2mm, you can never go wrong with our timeless iconic design!

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BEST-SELLERS under $200

If your giftee prefers simpler yet striking everyday pieces, opt for our best sellers under $200. Charms, earrings, bracelets, pendants... Whatever piece you choose, the recipient of your jewelry gift will surely fall in love with the sweet gesture. Unveil the magic of love, one jewel at a time!

Bestsellers under $200

LOVE at first sight

gift ideas crafted to make your Valentine's heart flutter!

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VALENTINES GIFT GUIDE 1 (2).png__PID:2f2592fb-715e-4382-aa31-5fd3ff87864e
VALENTINES GIFT GUIDE 2 (1).png__PID:bd1f9cfd-d23f-461a-ab5a-1ed9b097c868
VALENTINES GIFT GUIDE 2.png__PID:d7c20404-7247-427a-8aa9-398a21f37469
VALENTINES GIFT GUIDE 1.png__PID:db0f8742-728b-4a41-adc0-7844b6a41880VALENTINES GIFT GUIDE 1 (2).png__PID:2f2592fb-715e-4382-aa31-5fd3ff87864e
VALENTINES GIFT GUIDE 2 (1).png__PID:bd1f9cfd-d23f-461a-ab5a-1ed9b097c868
VALENTINES GIFT GUIDE 2.png__PID:d7c20404-7247-427a-8aa9-398a21f37469

Our Black Friday sale is now or never!
All classic and NEWLY ADDED COLLECTIONS will be 15% OFF*
, November 23rd and 24th. 

Gift Guide Holiday23 (1000 x 600 px)-min.png__PID:73ed4a64-c9a4-4a0c-93f4-0e12f18d88c4

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