The Cortona Coin

A special tribute to the most romantic town in Italy

In Medieval times, an original coin was issued for the city of Cortona, with the name of "Fiorino Cortonese." We don't know exactly how much it was worth, but we love to think that it was a really precious coin. 

cortona coin

Today, the only original coin left is carefully kept and displayed at the Cortona archaeological museum (MAEC). At DelBrenna, we had the unique opportunity to hold the currency in our hands and to craft a replica. Our beloved "Cortona Coin" was born.


The coin features a Maltese cross on one side and, on the other side, an image of Saint Vincent. Saint Vincent was the patron saint of Cortona at that time and, according to the Catholic Church, the protector of widows, orphans, and the poor. 

Our "Cortona Coin" typically comes with DelBrenna's signature antique gold or rhodium finish. But, we have also made it in gunmetal-ruthenium and rose gold finishes for a modern touch. The coin is available with or without our signature 3mm links frame. You can imagine that compositions in size, color, and design are many. In any combination, the Cortona Coin charms and pendants have been top sellers in Italy. They make a great memento full of memories from your stay in Italy. A way to continue cherishing our beloved hilltop town! 

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