Hammered & Sofia Collection

Something unusual, rétro and modern, minimal and oversized at the same time: this is DelBrenna's Hammered Collection.

In our studio, we hammer some of our sterling silver beads and incorporate them into our designs. Each bead is hammered by hand, which gives the piece a slightly uneven texture, allowing it to reflect the light in its own unique way. The hammered jewel-texture will look creative when stacked and mixed with different pieces of jewelry. And it will still look fantastic as an ideal matched set!

Sometimes the hammered beads are built into our traditional chain design, and sometimes, inspired by the hammered texture, we design brand new statement pieces. This is how our "Sofia" mini collection was born. We love the hammered look combined with different size beads, it really looks like the light is gleaming from all angles. The Sofia mini collection is dedicated to the famous Italian actress of the Dolce Vita, our beloved Sofia Loren. 

Sofia statement pieces are crafted with beads up to 16mm in diameter. The beads are crafted by soldering two half semi-spheres together. The spheres appear seamless, DelBrenna's got talent!

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