DelBrenna Packaging

Our velvet pouches

When you purchase a DelBrenna jewel, each piece comes in a beautiful, Italian velvet pouch. 

The idea goes way back in time. During the Roman Empire and later in Medieval times, gentlemen used leather or velvet pouches to hold coins and other valuable objects. We love keeping our precious handmade jewels, coin pendants, and family keepsakes in a pouch, just like our forefathers! 


We are often asked why we don't use boxes as packaging for our jewels. Our pouches are eco-friendly - boxes often get thrown away immediately after the purchase. Pouches take less space, they can be reused repeatedly, and provide an easy way to store your favorite jewelry, especially when you're traveling!

And last but not least, our pouches are made in Italy just like the jewels, binding DelBrenna even more to its deep Italian roots.


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