August Birthstones: Peridot & Spinel

Peridot is an option for August birthstones; its kelly-green hue carries a beautiful Spring essence. The gem is known to represent compassion, friendliness, healing, joy, and renewal. 

Mined in Egypt since 3500 B.C., Peridot is also called the "Evening Emerald" for its distinct green hue.


Together with Peridot, Spinel is another birthstone for August. 

Spinel appears in a variety of colors such as pink, blue, purple, and black (our favorite at DelBrenna!). The brilliant reds are the most popular and are sometimes referred to as "Flame Spinel".

In our collections, we have a dazzling Black Spinel: take a look at our beloved Tassel Pendant! Spinel is said to guard the owner against harm and soothe away sadness. For a timeless, chic look, wear it in our antique gold finish, or embellish a contemporary outfit with the rhodium version! 




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