A sweet story

A sweet story from our KC boutique

We are in July 2019, in our Crestwood Shops boutique in Kansas City. A sister and a brother come to DelBrenna to look for a gift. He is visiting to celebrate their mother's 91st birthday.

As they look for the special gift, the sister falls in love with our diamond-cut beads necklace. When she steps outside to take a phone call, the brother quickly reveals that he wants to buy his sister something special to thank her for taking care of their 91-year-old mom while he is away.

She returns to the shop, tries the necklace again, and the brother says, "We'll take it. This is for you, for all you do for our mom." The sister is almost in tears as he says, "you deserve it so much. I love you."

A beautiful story of a family, a memory of their afternoon together.

Such a loving story that touches our heart!

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