A family heirloom finds new life

One of our dear clients, Joyce, shared with us this beautiful story.

"Among my Indonesian grandparents' long-forgotten things, I found these 1800's era copper coins issued by the Dutch exclusively for use in its Indonesian colony. What a perfect reflection they are of my heritage as a Dutch-born Chinese Indonesian!

I wanted to pass them onto my US-born daughters, but I imagined they would just collect dust even longer. Enter the charming Del Brenna's and their incredible assistant Bailey to the rescue! They harnessed their creativity and exquisite designs to create these fabulous earrings and a pendant to match!

It's even more special to me since they also include the signature DelBrenna links at the bottom, reflecting their family heritage. Nikki and Elise are delighted to have such unique and personal pieces. I know that these resurrected coins will have a much more interesting life as keepsake jewelry!"

If you would like to give new life to your family heirloom, always with a special DelBrenna touch, don't hesitate to contact us!

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