50th birthday in Cortona

This is the sweet story of a special 50th birthday, celebrated with family and friends in Cortona, including special time at DelBrenna! 

Joanie writes: "I reached out to DelBrenna in April 2018. We were introduced to them through some friends who had had the pleasure of meeting them in Cortona.

Through emails for 5 months, my brother ordered a beautiful Italian coin necklace from DelBrenna for his wife's 50th birthday. We also arranged to have a surprise Prosecco toast for her at the shop for her 50th and present her with her gift and a shopping spree!

She had no idea that we had been planning her 50th for 5 months! What a surprise and what a delightful time shopping and celebrating at DelBrenna.

My sister-in-law and I shopped for an hour, and our husbands enjoyed the cigar library! Megan and Sebastian were more than gracious and made my sister-in-law so happy and made her 50th birthday a special memory that none of us will ever forget!"



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